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Take a look at our summer project: A new Herb and Vegetable Garden!

Seacrest staff, residents, and gardeners embarked on a big project this year – the creation of vegetable and herb garden!

Everyone at Seacrest was excited to start our new summer project, an herb and vegetable garden. We prepared an area adjacent to our east wing for planting. We installed a beautiful white fence to protect the plants from animals, and today we began our planting! This project will be fun for our staff and residents to enjoy throughout summer into fall.

We will be planting a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, squash, peppers, and more! Everyone can't wait to see what wonderful works of art our chefs will prepare for our residents from this years harvest!

Here at Seacrest we want our community to join in the fun. Want to volunteer or give us a hand with this project, or any of the other project we are working on at Seacrest? Call Seacrest at 203.931.2510 and ask for Ashley!

Want to volunteer and give us a hand?  Call Ashley at Seacrest today!

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