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Town of East Haven CT Assisted Care

East Haven CT Assisted Care at Seacrest

When you begin to consider the idea of moving a family member into an East Haven CT assisted care center, the benefits of these facilities isn't always clear. Assisted living can be a great opportunity for elders, with the benefits of safety, friends, activities to keep them busy, and medical assistance, however every residents' needs are different.

Making a move from a current living situation to an assisted care situation, can become a disruption in your loved ones life, at least at first. If you are considering the possibility of a move, make sure your loved one understands the differences between the two living arrangements, and what they will be gaining in return.


One of the best benefits of an assisted living center, is the level of safety given to each resident, especially to those that are frail, visually impaired, unsteady, or have dementia or memory issues. There will always be staff available to help them around or guide them throughout their daily activities. If they have an emergency situation such as a health emergency or a fall, someone will be there to assisted them right away. Each apartment has its own emergency response system that can call for help immediately.


Assisted living centers are a great place for elderly individuals to find new, or cultivate friendships with other people their age. Social acitivity is just as important for elders as it for all ages. Being social can help your loved one combat depression, health issues, and memory loss. Conversation, social activity, and the opportunity to enjoy events around the facility can bring a better quality of life to each resident.

Health Care

Our East Haven CT assisted care center have wellness and health care programs that are run by medical health care professionals. Medical staff will oversee the health care needs of each and every resident. This includes medication administration and help with physician appointments.